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One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

Many do not know the value of old vehicles or that they can be restored. Some of the cars and bikes that have been restored have a history of abandonment and neglect. If you were to compare the status of the vehicle before and after restoration, you would understand the effort, hard work and of course, skill and knowledge required to get it back to shape. One such story is that of 1948 Matchless G80 500cc, found abandoned in a shed that was restored by a Madras Heritage Motoring Club member, Sumanth Chaganti.

Before Restoration

After Restoration

This motorcycle, since restoration has won many awards and accolades for the owner.


Another example of a restoration of a bike by another member, Srivardhan Srinivasan, is that of 1952 BSA C-11 250 cc. Sri purchased the bike from a gentleman who did not know what to do with the bike. Sri’s expert knowledge  transformed the bike into a brand new looking one! The bike has earned Best Restored Bike, Best Maintained Bike, and Best Bike between 1950-1960 in various events.

Before Restoration


After Restoration 



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