The Madras Heritage Motoring Club was started in 2002 by Mr. C. S. Ananth and Mr. Kylas.  Their passion for vintage and classic cars and bikes made them create a club and bring together people living in Madras city (now called Chennai) who owned vintage or classic cars and bikes.

Several members of the Club own more than one car or bike and spend a lot of their leisure time in restoring them. Mr. M.S. Guhan, an ardent collector of vintage cars and bikes, Mr. Ranjit Pratap, Mr. Shankar Sundaram, Mr. Selvaraj,  Dr. Ram Pradeep, Mr. Sumanth Chaganti, Mr. Srivardan Srinivasan are some of the members with a good collection of cars and bikes.  They also help other members find parts and in their restoration.

The Club is  run by a Trust, The Madras Heritage & Motoring Charitable Trust.  The Trust has seven trustees. The Trust’s primary goal is to mobilize funds to organize events for the Club, facilitate the preservation of the members’ passion for vintage and classic collections, and fulfill their desire for showcasing their vintage and classic cars and bikes.  The Trust also conducts rallies, competition, and other events to motivate collectors’ passion.

The President of the Trust is Mr. Balraj Vasudevan.  Mr. Vasudevan has promoted the Club’s various events and mobilized the funds for the same through sponsorship.  If you would like to sponsor events for the Club or donate to the Club, please contact Mr. Kannan Kumar at mhmc.madras@gmail.com or +91-44-42136700.  The Office of the Trust is located at AVM Studios Compound, 38, Arcot Road, Vadapalani, Chennai 600026.