Breakfast Meet @Alumni Club

On a hot day 12th of March, 2017, the Alumni Club located in the posh neighbourhood of Boat Club, in Association with Lions Club International of Perambur, organised a grand event of vintage and classic cars exhibition on its premises. In a background of traditional Kerala music and accompanied by a heavy Kerala breakfast, the meet was first if its kind at the Alumni Club.

The Madras Heritage Motoring Club started in 2002, showcased more than forty cars at the event.  Some of the noteworthy cars included the 21 Gun Salute award winning cars Jaguar Mark II owned by Shankar Sundaram of TAFE group,1966 Ford Mustang owned by Ranjit Pratap, and 1949 MG owned by Keshav Kamineni. Some cars restored by C.S.Ananth, an Internationalally renowned expert on automobile Emissions and vintage automobiles,  Judge at 21 Gun Salute and restorer were exhibited at the show.

The smallest car 500cc Bug Fiat, 1930 Austin owned by C.S. Ananth, and  Indian heritage cars such as 1949 Baby Hindustan, Hindustan, 1956 Fiat Elegant Millicenti, Maruti Suzuki 800, Morris Minor, 1957  Standard Super 10 owned by M.S. Guhan were showcased at the event.  Two classic Ambassodors were exhibited.  One owned by Naresh Bangara and the other by Dorai Mohan.  The oldest car present was 1926 Austin Chummy.

AVM’s M.S. Guhan exhibited the most number of cars that included impeccably maintained 1947 Citroen hot rod, 1946 Woody Buick 8, Chevrolet Fleetmaster, 1954 Dodge Kingsway convertible, 1931 Dodge Brothers, 1949 Buick Super8, 1947 MG TB, 1951 Chevrolet Styleline, MGR’s 1956 Dodge Kingsway and many more.

Ranjit  Pratap, one of the members with largest fleet of vintage and classic cars showcased some of his cars that included 1966 Ford Fairline, 2 door Mini Cooper 1000, 1957 Fiat millicenti, Jaguar, Dodge Kingsway, 1947 Chevrolet.

Famed Carnatic music singer T.N.Krishna, exhibited his BMW, the only classic car of that make in the city. Dorai Mohan brought his 1956 Dodge Kingsway and 1952 Vauxhall.

A detailed video by G. Ramachandran is available on YouTube at: